13 décembre, 2006


Classé sous CHANSONS,inclassable — normand @ 4:31

Took a walk past your house
late last night.
All the shades were pulled and drawn
way down tight.

From within the dim light cast two silhouettes on the shade
Oh what a lovely couple they made.

Put his arms around your waist
held you tight.
Kisses I could almost taste
in the night.

Wonder why im not the guy…
two silhouettes on the shade.
I couldn’t hide
the tears in my eyes.

Lost control and rang your bell
I was sore.
Let me in or else I’ll beat
down your door.

When two strangers who had been
2 silouettes on the shade.
Said to my shock
« You’re on the wrong block. »

Rushed down to your house with wings
on my feet.
loved you like I never loved
you my sweet.

Vowed that you and I would be
two silouettes on the shade.
All of our days
two silhouettes on the shade.

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